Pharmacovigilance is the science and set of activities related to the detection, recording, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse reactions (noxious and unintended reactions) occurring in animals, and possibly in man, when exposed to medicinal products and other products of veterinary use used in animal production and health, or other safety issues associated with medicinal products, after they are placed on the market.

The effective implementation of mechanisms for the detection of adverse reactions aims to maximize the benefit and minimize the risks of the use of medicines, encouraging their use in a safer, more effective and rational way.
Pharmacovigilance in VAPP has the mission to ensure that safety information of our medicines and products for veterinary use is collected systematically, and processed according to ethical and quality procedures, in order to provide correct and updated information on the safety of our products.

Who can notify?

Adverse reactions, or lack of efficacy, to a veterinary medicine or product can be reported by healthcare professionals (veterinary doctors, veterinary nurses, pharmacists, among others) and by animal users and owners.

How to notify?

The notifications of adverse reactions to our products can be made by sending the information to the following contacts:

Address:  VAPP – Produção e Comercialização de Produtos para Veterinária Lda
Avenida Rua Casal do Canas, nº6, 2790-204 Carnaxide, Portugal
Telephone:  +351 214 155 970


Protection of Personal Data: Under the Personal Data Protection Act, in its current wording, we inform you that the personal data collected will be processed automatically and will be processed and filed under the responsibility of VAPP. These data are intended for compliance with legal obligations in matters of Pharmacovigilance, and its provision is mandatory for this purpose.
Any personal data collected will be processed lawfully and legally and are strictly confidential and intended for the management of information on adverse reactions to our products, including compliance with legal obligations of VAPP Pharmacovigilance. The data provided may be communicated to the DGAV and other competent authorities under the applicable legislation in force.
It is, under the law, guaranteed to the holder of personal data the right to access and rectify their data, upon written request to VAPP to be sent to the address "Rua Casal do Canas, no6, 2790-204 Carnaxide, Portugal", to the attention of the Department of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance.