Cat whiskers

Whiskers are essential, so they must not be cut off. The whiskers' function is to detect variations in air pressure.

The whiskers of cats, or vibrissae, serve for the transmission of vibrations to sensory organs at their base. They are important for the life of these animals and have several functions.

Detect objects

The whiskers' function is to detect variations in air pressure. Pressure can be used to detect objects or prey, as air moves distinctly around barriers. They can also be used to measure small spaces by learning. These are all advantages for a nocturnal predator.


The position of the whiskers is also used as a form of communication. If the cat is in a defensive position or upset it will pull its whiskers back. When the cat is happy, curious or happy, the whiskers are relaxed and more pulled forward.

Do whiskers change color?

Whiskers can go from dark to light with age, however it is difficult to judge unless the cat has a dark color. The mustache can also be born dark and naturally lose its color.

Can cats have their whiskers cut off?

Cats use their whiskers as an extra sense, and their loss can lead to high stress. The cat has more difficulty in assessing the position of objects and its own balance is also affected. So you should never cut your cat's whiskers! However, you should not worry if the cat has dropped a whiskers. The cat's whiskers grow back. Whiskers fall off like normal fur and grow naturally in their cycle.