Who are we

We are a 100% Portuguese company exclusively ran with national capital.

We have exclusive topical products for several areas of Veterinary Medicine of companion animals. We want to be a reference company in the pet area.

Learn more about Eye Health

There are several pathologies of the eyeball and its annexed structures. Here are some of the most common pathologies.

Daily benefits

Exercise is essential to keep your pet in shape and to strengthen the bond and complicity between owner/pet.

To keep your pet in shape

This way they will be animals that stay more active and exercise their joints, something that will be very useful during old age.

To strengthen your relationship

The activities that animals are most grateful for are feeding, walking, and petting, so take advantage of outings to play with your dog and to strengthen the bond between you.

For your mental activity

Exercise stimulates your dog’s mind and helps him develop social contact with other dogs as well as people. Dogs that stay indoors too long may become frustrated, depressed or irritable.

To exercise their sense of smell

The outdoor walks allow contact with new smells every day. This also exercises the sense of smell, the most acute sense in dogs.

To defecate in the street

This way your home will always remain clean and free of odors. Help us to take care of your streets as well.

To get tired

Your dog will fall asleep when you get home and this way you prevent him from suffering from hyperactivity, anxiety, or stress.

Portuguese Dog Breeds

Portuguese Partridge

A very affable hunter

A very affable hunter
In Portugal, at least, since the 12th century, it was a renowned among the Portuguese by its wide nobility for hunting.

The Portuguese Partridge is famous for its keen sense of smell, hunting instinct, stamina, and above- average ability to concentrate.

They are extremely docile and calm and therefore also excellent pets, always willing to please their owner. Partridges are calm and very sociable, curious by nature and of an enormous vitality! They love exercise and a simple walk a day is not enough to feel satisfied!

Estrela Mountain Dog

Probably the oldest breed on the Iberian Peninsula

They are very affectionate with their owners and gentle with children. Magnificent guardian dogs for farms and house; are usually suspicious of strangers, therefore they should socialize from an early age.

Portuguese Water Dog

A tireless fisherman

Brave, intelligent and hardy, the Portuguese Water Dog is a breed with a lot of energy to burn and therefore needs to spend a lot of time outdoors. However, it is not suited to life outside the household. He is extremely attached to his family and needs to be pampered and always close by.

Cat Eyes

Did you know that cats can see clearly with only 1/7 of the light a human needs?

The sense of smell in cats

Smell is a very important sense for cats, because it helps them to delimit territory. In addition, it allows to detect food in bad condition or poisoned.

Cat whiskers

Whiskers are essential, so they must not be cut off. The whiskers' function is to detect variations in air pressure.

Cat Breeds


Gentle and calm

First exhibited in Britain, Persians originated as cats from Persia (now Iran) crossed with cats from Turkey.

The Persian is an ideal cat for those who live in an apartment. It adapts perfectly to domestic life and small spaces. They love quiet life and do not even like to play much: their favorite past-time is sleeping and being petted by their owner.

In terms of behaviour, Persian cats are quiet, calm, sedentary, peaceful, gentle and never aggressive. They are extremely devoted to the owner, they get along well with children, dogs and other cats. They adapt to solitude and do not like a lot of confusion.

Norwegian forests

A born climber!

Originating in Scandinavia, it was known to the Vikings as the enchanted cat of the Scandinavian forests.
It is a very self-assured cat, with a stable temperament, sociable, quiet and playful. It has an unusual curiosity and loves to furtively follow their owners, investigating all their activities with great interest. Of easy coexistence, accepts well his peers, as well as dogs and children. Already the visits... Are thoroughly inspected!


Elegant and companionable

Originally from Thailand, Siamese cats were exclusive to the royal family. They arrived in Europe in the 19th century, being exhibited for the first time in Great Britain.
The Siamese are very outgoing but sometimes show unpredictable behaviour. It is a very sociable breed, although sometimes it does not get along very well with other cats, and it needs the company of the owner. They follow their owner around the house, meowing until he is given the proper
attention. It is very possessive and affectionate, often demonstrates jealousy and does not like to be imposed limits.

Ideas for a different kind of play:

No not feed your dog before exercise - feed your dog 30 minutes after exercise, this allows your pet to feed calmly after a rest period.

Do you go for long walks? - ensure access to fresh water for walks lasting more than 30 minutes and on hot days or during heavy exercise.

Use toys - use toys suitable for dogs, avoiding injuries to the mouth, eyes, throat and neck.